Print Media

A collection of early to current works that have been hardcopied in one form or another.

DC Comics

Since 1999 I have worked for my friend Guy Major prepping pages for him to color for DC comics. I refined the process and made what was a mediocre paying job very profitable by speeding it up by four times. Here is a sample of works I have contributed to.


I-5 The Comic Book that almost was

This was my first attempt to be discovered in print on my own. In 1997 I wrote out the first part of this story and found a very good artist in Sacramento, CA. He moved away before we could get any further than what I have now. Here are some panels from the first couple of pages.

Ristorante Paradiso

The one script I completed. I shopped it around at comic con a couple of times. My friend Chris Brandt was willing to pencil it for me, but it never panned out. I would still like to do something with it; perhaps a spunky high school musical adaptation.



I can say that I was published nationally if only for a short time. Back in the late 90’s I helped my friend Chynna Clugston by writing a few issues of her comic book Bloodletting. She went on to Illustrate and create many other successful titles for Oni Press, namely Scooter Girl.