Interceptor 2015

After I nailed a chunk of cement on the back road to my house, my 1998 Kawi ZX-6R was out of commission as I looked for a new wheel. While it was out, my advanced students and I made it a bike I liked rather than a bike I just ‘drove’. It’s an homage/re-imagining of Goose’s Interceptor from the original Mad Max.

1974 Yamaha RD-350

This was my second project to come to full realization until I killed it by pinning the throttle on the highway before the engine had broken in…but it will live again. IT WILL LIVE AGAIN… MWAH HA HA HA HA! 

1974 Yamaha RD-350 engine and frame with: FZ600 forks with RaceTech cartridge emulators, YX600 wheels and swingarm, Suzuki GS500 gas tank, custom aluminum seat/rear fender, Twin Mikuni Flatslide Carbs and aftermarket CDI. Just before it seized it could really get up on it.

1988 Honda Prelude

When I was in high school this was one of the cars I fell in love with. I couldn’t afford it then, but it is surprising how far the price drops in only 13 years. I bought it off a friend and set to restoring it to it’s semi-original state. After completion, I courted my wife and it sat for 6 months gathering dust and parking tickets, so I sold it. Ironically, I love to build cars and motorcycles, but I don’t actually drive them much; like Pops Racer.

Mini Motard

What do you do with a bunch of spare parts? Make somethin’ duh! The frame for this bike is constructed from several pieces of scrap metal I had lying around. The main member is a Dish Network Satellite arm. The bottom bracket is part of a weight bench. The triangulated engine supports are legs off of a TV tray. I salvaged the rear end off of the badly built original frame from China.

Scooter Luge

This was my project for the single track vehicles class at CalPoly. It handled very well, but didn’t stop for a darn.
The forks have no rake and about 2 inches of caster; not a typical configuration. It made for astounding stability at very low speeds.