AG Robotics

This is a short commercial I put together for the Arroyo Grande Robotics Team since I couldn’t help out with the fabrication while simultaneously finishing off my teaching credential. It played, and can still be seen sometimes, on the Charter Public Access channel.

P.R.I.D.E. Rap

This took 6 months from conception to completion. Wrote the lyrics, arranged the music, Richard Hernandez recorded the vocals, I mixed it down then scripted, recorded and edited the final video. Easy peasy rice and cheesy.

Senior Project

Here is an edited version of my senior project video. It is for an alternative front suspension for motorcyles. I blacked out any pictures of the design and completely removed it’s discussion, because I may actually patent it someday. The purpose of it’s inclusion is to demonstrate my video production skills and possibly start an interesting conversation.

Rotary Club: Buckingham Demotion

Here is a project I took on for a friend featuring an animated cow I concocted and voiced. It played at the demotion ceremony of Jeff Buckingham for the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo.